The Benefits Of A Straight Shave For Men

Men’s Straight Razor Shaves

It was almost like we were going to look back at the moment when we stood in front of the mirror for a quick shave using a plastic Bic razor. It was then improved upon to give us a new feel every day at the barbershop. Many people now pride themselves in straight razor shaving and feel like total geeks. We will tell you more in this post.

# 1 Keeps Skin Free of Rashes

We have had many complaints from customers about razor burns and skin rashes at the barbershop. The multi-blade razor is responsible for 1 out of 10 complaints. They remove hairs from their root, which is the problem with them. This allows the entire process to be performed with all the blades.

Straight razor shaving is the best way to get the cleanest shave. It doesn’t cause any abnormal hair growth, rashes …