What Are The Advantages Of Using Drones For Real Estate?

Have you ever thought about using a tool such as a drone to capture photographs of your listings? Drone photography offers an excellent method to display properties, providing your listings with that “wow factor”. It also assists people that are interested in buying to gain a better view of the properties that are interested in.

In just about every case, the advantages of using drones for real estate are well worth the costs involved. Even for independent agents, using drones for photography helps to sell properties much faster (and in some cases even at higher asking prices).

Using drones for real estate provides you with a way to:

Impress Potential Buyers With Professional Premium-Quality Photography

Potential buyers are accustomed to street-level photographs, so aerial shots will help your listing stand out when compared to the listings that use traditional photography. The time and extra attention put into these photos give off an impression that the listing is worth the attention. One of the benefits of reading this blog will be that you will understand the importance of usingĀ professional property photography.

Displays Properties In Context

Showing a home in context can assist buyers to imagine what it would be like to live there. Drone photography is also an excellent method to display hard-to-capture features that would not be possible with street-level photographs. For example, you may want to display how much land the property has to offer or show the property in context to the other properties nearby.

Highlight The Best Features Of A Property

Examples of these could include a well-maintained beautiful garden, a stunning swimming pool, or a waterfront location. Writing about these features in your listings, or trying to display street-level photographs, won’t be able to achieve such a dramatic impression.

Impress A Potential Client

If a seller is considering using you to sell their home, they will probably look at the way you have listed other sellers’ homes. If you can show them premium-quality drone photographs, this might be just what is needed to get them to hire you rather than a competitor.

Create A Video Tour Of A Location

You can also use a drone to record video footage alongside your photos. This allows for a way to create customized video tours of a location, which will highlight the home or property. These added features will impress both buyers and sellers.

The Best Way To Take Real Estate Photos Using A Drone

Using a drone for real estate listings can create a dramatic effect in these situations:

You Are Selling A Luxury Home

When selling a luxury property it is important that the photographs are able to highlight the best features. At the same time, high-quality photographs help show a potential buyer the attention and care you place into your sales. This helps them to boost their confidence when it comes to purchasing a property from you.

You Want To Display The Boundaries Of A Property

If the property is a large estate, it is adjacent to one or more properties, or when the land area is large such as a farm or ranch, aerial photographs allow for a way to mark boundary lines a lot easier. These images help to show a potential buyer how far a property extends.

 You Want To Display The Gutters And/Or Roof

If recent repairs were conducted on a property and you want to show potential buyers the home is in good shape, aerial photography allows you to display the condition of the home.

The Home Is Close To Popular Amenities Such As A Park, Local School, And/Or Any Other Popular Attraction

Drone photography displays the proximity of the property to these attractions, which adds instant appeal visually. It is worth your while to consider what type of buyers would be interested in the home and what these buyers may value most. For example, families with children will probably love the idea of a school or park close to their “potential” new home. Young professional couples may have more of an interest in a sports complex or Whole Foods Market nearby.

How Much Is Drone Photography Going To Cost?

You can choose to buy your own drone or hire a professional to take your shots.