Reasons to Do a Beach Clean

Implementing a difference

Your active efforts in litter picking can have an immediate impact on the environment and contribute to future environmental campaigns. The Marine Conservation Society can utilize the data collected from the 100m stretch of the beach and consolidate it to push for change. The organization’s use of previous beach clean data has allowed them to advocate for the 5p bag charge, which has resulted in a remarkable 55% reduction of plastic bags found on beaches. This data demonstrates the effectiveness of the society’s campaigning efforts to improve the environment.

Activities for groups – Enjoyable for everyone!

By participating in litter picking, not only can you contribute to a noble cause, but you can also make it an enjoyable experience. Avoid the monotony of the task by listening to engaging podcasts or playlists on your headphones. Additionally, you can also make some new friends who share a similar interest, which will make the time fly by in no time!

Families could turn it into a full-day activity and involve their children in it. This activity aims to raise more awareness about littering and the environment among children, while simultaneously making it an enjoyable day out for everyone. However, it is important to note that a consent form should be completed for anyone under the age of 16 upon registration. Businesses volunteering in the local community can also participate in beach cleaning activities.

Assisting in the preservation of marine life is a crucial endeavor

During the last beach clean-ups, it was discovered that around 30% of the trash consisted of face masks and other types of PPE. Despite being essential in saving human lives during the pandemic, these items are now causing considerable pollution in the rivers, seas, and oceans, putting marine animals at risk. By participating in beach clean-ups and clearing out litter, you can potentially prevent wildlife from ingesting, choking, or getting tangled up in plastic and other waste. Your effort in helping preserve the waters and shores from the litter can literally save the lives of marine creatures.

Ensuring that beaches remain clean is crucial for the safety of all visitors

Keeping the beaches clean not only benefits marine life but also creates a safer environment for everyone to enjoy. By preventing litter on the beaches, we can avoid the potential risk of dogs, foxes, or children getting harmed by picking up unknown materials. Even if they can’t tell the difference, we can ensure peace of mind by not having to worry about them being exposed to dangerous items like bottle caps, wooden cutlery, and plastic bags.

Observing a clean beach is a sight to behold

A well-maintained beach can significantly enhance the visual appeal of the scenery and make it more impressive to look at or even capture in photographs. Upon arrival at the beach, an ideal view would consist of a serene and expansive sandy shoreline, with vast blue ocean waters visible in the background. Conversely, a location that is littered with piles of garbage can be an unappealing eyesore that detracts from the overall beauty of the area. It is imperative that no location is subjected to this kind of treatment.

Taking on a challenging task can bring immense satisfaction and fulfillment

Participating in an activity that can cause an impact can be quite fulfilling, particularly when you can witness the immediate outcome of your litter collection. It is important to remember that your dedication and deeds will have a lasting impact by the end of the day, and your actions could even save a seal without you realizing it! Your collected data and every piece of litter you pick up will be critical for future campaigns, potentially making a difference in the world in one year, five years, or even twenty years down the line. Isn’t this something to feel proud of?

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