How Men Can Wear Jewellery In 2022

As years have gone by, more and more men are wearing jewellery. Jewellery is a wonderful trend in men’s fashion and it is a great way to level up your style. If you are not sure how you can wear jewellery then we have got the perfect list for you, with all of the modern trends in 2022.

Chained Links

Chains are a common trend for men’s jewellery and are extremely popular this year. Either chained necklaces or bracelets seem to be the common pieces for this particular style. Furthermore, they look great in both silver and gold. If you want something that looks a little casual and just adds to your outfit, we would advise that you wear silver. If you are looking for a standout piece of jewellery, a gold chain would be more appropriate for you.

With chained necklaces, there are many different lengths and thicknesses. Make sure that you go into a jewellery store to find the right size for you, as not every length will suit you. Plus, you need to find the metal that you would prefer. Chains are simple yet stunning pieces that can take your outfit to the next level. Furthermore, if you wish to keep it hidden then you can although they look great above your clothes as well.


Pendants are a common trend this year that a lot of men seem to be wearing. Many people believe that pendants are a piece of jewellery which symbolises religion. However, we believe that it is a good touch on fashion as well. If you wish to wear something symbolic then a pendant is the one for you. Purchase yourself a black string to go through the hole and go searching for the perfect pendant that fits your character. There are many out near meaning that it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be a cross.

Signet Rings

Although signet rings have been a trend for many years now, they seem to be something that men are often wearing in 2022. This style of ring dates back to 3500 BC and it has changed a lot over recent years. They are some of the finest vintage jewellery pieces that a man can wear, although there are many modern versions. Furthermore, signet rings are really good for layering with other rings, which is also a common trend with many men recently. Either have the signet ring as your stand-out piece or pair it up with a vintage engagement ring that you may have on your finger.


There are many stunning jewellery trends for men this year and we believe they are only going to get better. If you want something flashy and stands out, we suggest that you wear gold jewellery. Moreover, if you wish to wear something a little more casual, we suggest that you wear silver as this is great to compliment your whole outfit. This year is the year that you should start wearing more jewellery.

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