Healthy Spanish Foods to Make at Home

The Spanish are known to employ simplicity in their cooking. The ingredients are sourced locally, and the cooking time is as short as possible. The quality of the ingredient and the cooking techniques used both aid in fast meal preparations.

Some people prefer to get all the ingredients from stores or around them or grow their own. Food delivery services companies such as Uber Eats are used widely in Spain to deliver already prepared meals or ingredients needed to prepare the meals.

Let’s look at some healthy Spanish foods to prepare at home.

1.  Tortilla de patatas

A meal that can be eaten at any time of the day. The two main ingredients of this dish are potatoes and eggs. It is fast and easy to make. The meal looks like an omelet. Depending on your taste, it can be hard or runny in the middle or crispy and brown at the edges. A could also order mineral water from a company like Fontvella to complete your perfect meal.

2.  Spanish Paella

The main ingredient in the preparation of this meal is rice. Everything can be added as desired. And it is one of the most popular Spanish dishes, gracing many party tables and dinner tables. This meal is mostly prepared during parties and celebrations. This beautiful and colorful meal is sure to cause salivation.

3.  Tostada con Tomate, aceitey jamon

This meal is made up of toasted bread with any or a combination of butter, homemade jam, olive oil, tomato paste, and ham. The most popular combo is ham, crushed tomato and olive oil. To enjoy it more, useunleavened bread. You can wash it down with coffee and milk or fresh orange juice.

4.  Gazpacho

This cold veggie and fruit soup is highly packed with antioxidants to help keep colds and flu in check. Even a hangover. Some say it is a soup, others a smoothie and some a juice. Whichever you call it, Find what goes well with your taste buds and your stomach can hold. Keep trying till you find the right mix for you.

5.  Huevos Rotos:

This is one of the many simple Spanish dishes that can be prepared in minutes. Consists of fried potatoes and Spanish fried eggs. The fried eggs are being broken apart and mixed with the fried potatoes.

6.  Chorizo A La Sidra

Another simple dish consisting of Spanish chorizo(paprika-spiced pork sausage) cooked in dry Spanish cider is the Chorizo A La Sidra. This meal is very inviting and will surely leave you demanding more.

7.  The Red Sangria

This fruity drink can be easily prepared at home with some brandy, fruit soaked in wine and a little orange liqueur. In the USA, the drink is usually laced with sugar and ginger ale to make it sweet, but the Spanish ideally don’t.

Most Spanish foods are often made between some minutes to an hour. Only if it’s a large crowd or a big family will time be an issue. Spanish food is also full of varieties that appeal to individual health needs or challenges.

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