5+ Benefits of SEO for Websites and Business

Maybe you are wondering, why do you still have to implement website SEO? Even though you can promote the site through other marketing channels. For example, installing a website link in the Instagram bio, using the swipe up feature, and so on.
Well, you need to know, most of the traffic—especially business websites—that comes from search engines. Whatever the industry: technology, fashion, health, and so on.
Of course, the amount of traffic affects the success of the website to achieve its goals. In full, here are the SEO benefits that you don’t want to miss:

Make it easier for the audience to find the website

SEO is a surefire strategy to make it easier for your target audience to find your website.
The reason, search engine optimization allows your site perched on the first page of Google. This position clearly affects the traffic. Remember, 75% of people are lazy scrolling to the second page and so on.
It’s like opening a refrigerator full of drink cans. Surely, you’d rather take the can in the front row than bother reaching the end of the shelf, right?

Capture the Right Target Audience

Not only does it help your audience find your website, Google SEO also allows you to reach the right target audience.
The reason is, you can target keywords according to the search intent or the purpose of the audience in searching for certain keywords.
For example, the search intent of your website is to educate your audience about certain information. As a skin care businessman who has researched, you know the target audience is curious about Niacinamide.
As a result, you create blog content about the benefits of Niacinamide, as well as informing that your brand contains this substance. By applying SEO agency hong kong techniques, this content has the potential to be found by your target audience through Google.
Plus the Google algorithm prioritizes a unique search experience.
This means that Google’s algorithm will determine the recommended content that appears on the search page taking into account the characteristics of the audience. Starting from the location, search history, and so on.
That is, by applying search engine optimization, your website content will have more potential to appear to your targeted audience. As a result, traffic and conversion opportunities also increase.

Build Brand Awareness

The simplest way that people can do to find the product they want is: search for info on Google.
In fact, according to ReviewTrackers, 63% of people prefer to search for products on Google compared to other review sites.
That means, Google is indeed a strategic place to introduce a product or build brand awareness.
Eh, my website content already appears on the first page of Google, but why is my brand still less popular?
Well, the benefits of SEO do not come instantly. Approximately, new potential customers believe and are interested in your brand after 3-5 times finding the content that you create.
So the more often your website appears on the first page of Google for relevant keywords, the greater brand awareness you will get.

As a long-term investment

Search engine optimization is a long term investment. Because, Google SEO is able to increase business opportunities. Moreover, relevant search results can influence 39% of prospective buyers’ decisions. By building traffic naturally, the site’s position on Google is stronger and can last for a long time.
It’s different with PPC, which if you stop paying, the traffic will immediately drop to 0. The reason is, your site will soon be eliminated from the top rankings.
That’s why even though SEO and SEM both have the potential to cost money, we still recommend that you optimize your website’s SEO.

Increase Sales and Conversions

The next SEO benefit, increase sales and conversions.
In fact, 75% of entrepreneurs also think that SEO generates more customers than any other marketing trick. In fact, the conversion rate reaches 14.6%.
The reason, SEO is able to reach a wider target audience more effectively. Different from other marketing tricks. Social media, for example, is only able to target users of related apps (Instagram, YouTube, etc.).
Moreover, Google users far more than any other platform, which is about 4.39 billion internet users.

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